With Kiwijet, all you have to do is drive up to the aircraft, walk on board, and take a seat. We’ll load your luggage, park your car, and have you in the air within 10 minutes all for around the same price as a business or first class flight!


At Kiwijet, we like to think the relationship is just getting started. Buying a pedigree aircraft is just one element of a successful aircraft ownership experience.


We specialize in all types of leases from ACMI, Dry, Capital, Operating, and several types of off-balance sheet lease-purchase scenarios. We are able to lease all types of flying assets from Helicopters to business jets to airliners globally.


At Kiwijet we feel with the client base we have acquired over the years enables us to actively and effectively market your aircraft rapidly and procure interest immediately.


The right management company can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on a private business jet to millions of dollars if a commercial or cargo airliner is being operated.

Whether you need to buy, sell, lease, or charter, we can help. We have been instrumental in thousands of charter flights, hundreds of aircraft transactions, and have managed and operated dozens of business aircraft in addition to several commercial passenger and cargo aircraft.

We operate and deal in all sizes of business and personal aircraft and also deal in commercial airline products and specialize in off market assets.

Our hangar can accommodate all aircraft sizes up to G650’s and the ramp large Airliners.

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